Hello to anyone who reads these! b(^ . ^)d

I'm not sure if anyone on here actually cares about YouTube odorites... Well if it sparks your interest, Heavenly Light (the main leader of CosStarDance, Sector51, Dance Masters United, and more) and Ari。Ki have choreography videos on NND that make it to the top 100 rankings. And Ari。Ki (who has over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube) wasinvited to Japan's Cho Party 3 to share the stage  with other odorites such as Miume , morning musumen.  , and namely Tei☆in!  (whom they performed with). They also speak Japanese and tweet odorites.

I have been meaning to create a lot more YouTube Odorite wiki pages, but I've been swamped with school and dance group activities! I hope to make one for many more, but next on my to-do list is Surimuchan, AoiKatori, Ari Ki, and CosStarDance since I am most familiar with them! Please let me know if you have certain requests for YouTube odorites. Please don't think I'm selfish for only creating one for my own dance group, Florence's, and another acquaintence! I know them best so it was rather fast and simple. Actually, I only created Resa's page, and she edited it herself.

I hope more people will become interested in YouTube odorites!


Beck and Ris show appreciation

Thank you for reading!

Much love,

~Ris Ventures

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