I noticed that people haven't been following the YouTube Odorite Requirements ...

Let me remind everyone it was:

  • A minimum of 100 subscribers
  • A minimum of 1,000 views on his/her most popular dance cover (not vlog, tutorial, etc.)

Since no one is regulating it I feel like we should either lower it to those already on the wiki, or completely forget about it. The point of it was to make sure the odorite is established before a page creation. I'm supposed to regulate the pages, but I don't have admin priviledges to enforce or advertise it, nor do I have the time to regulate too many pages. Meanwile the admin is kind of gone... I feel like we need another one, considering both 2 haven't been on in months.

New proposal would be 

  • A minimum of 100 subscribers
  • A minimum of 500 views on his/her most popular dance cover (not vlog, tutorial, etc.)

Even so, Zuco does not meet those requirements, so I'm concerned about where the YouTube Odorite pages are heading. I don't want a ton cluttering up the wiki. At this point, they are becoming neglected autobiographies.

In the end, there is no one in charge of anything, so it's what everyone else thinks... If anyone even responds to this blog. People are busy nowadays.

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