YouTube has another new Channel Link format.

The current ones are:

  • (ytusername)
  • (YTCHonly)
  • (not a valid input for Infobox_dancer)

The problem with the last format is that the neither the YTCHonly or ytusername input couldn't accept the links for /c/ChannelName. I ended up tweaking the Template:Infobox_dancer a little (see that page's history for details) to allow typing it into the ytusername input. Unfortunately, unlike YTCHonly, you can't type in a display text and you're stuck with any channel names to display whatever you type in (for example c/EmpireDance on the eMpiRe page).

I can make a new input field where we accept a ytchannel input specifically for the /c/ChannelName links as long as people don't get confused in trying to distinguish ytusername, YTCHonly, and ytchannel. What do you guys think?

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