Hey guys! There are some unsolved threads in the forum! Since there are more active users on here, I thought I'd open some of them up again

The utaite wiki has a page for reprinters. The odorite wiki needs articles for them as well.

Why was the PCF channel deleted?

Many odorites have been starting to sing as well. How do we handle this?

Do utaite's forbidden reprints apply to odottemita videos as well? How do we handle this on the wiki?

Let's discuss a few of these so we can improve the overall quality of the wiki. Of course, the admin hasn't been active in awhile, and s/he might need to approve of some ideas. The goal stated on the front page is to try to make the odorite wiki look similar to the utaite wiki, so that's where I'm headed with this. Hopefully the admin will come back soon!


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