Wow the wiki has grown a lot! I've been quite busy and will probably only edit the wiki occasionally now. So I'm very glad more and more users keep coming! I'm very glad because I use this and the other related wikis as resources often! This also goes to show how much odottemita in general has grown in popularity.

I haven't been on in quite some time and I've noticed Jadehlee has done so much in so little time! Haha she now passed both my accounts and ranks number 1 on the wiki which really just shows how much work she's put into it :)

I've been too busy to make my own odottemita videos lately and even watch some. The eMpiRe and Florence pages have been lacking and aren't up to date anymore. I was one of the main users to update YouTube Odorite pages and now I don't have time to anymore ;o;

I'm not sure how much interest people have in YouTube Odorites anyway, but I'm very glad more YouTube Odorite pages have popped up since I last edited frequently! It makes me proud since I kickstarted the progress making a bunch of them. And then the admin unofficially dubbed me the Ambassador of YouTube Odorite Pages. Though it's kind of a light title, and there isn't any leader here. The wiki is supposed to be run by a community and not a leader.

In the future (if it hasn't been done already) I just really would like to see the frequently covered dance pages like the utaite wiki has that was brought up in late 2014 :D

Iris eMpiRe Luka cosplay photo

Iris as seen in her cover of First Kiss


~Iris (leader of eMpiRe)

P.S. That is my first cosplay! It was fun ♥

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