I just wanted to apologize for being so inactive! I've been extremely busy and I know that just checking on the wiki will lead me into writing a new code or mass updating articles (which means accidentally pulling an all nighter)!

If you need anything Admin related, talk to Mizo (who usually messages me if she needs my input). If it's important, you have a quick question, or I'm taking too long to approve something, tweet or fb message me!

I'm the one who checks the eMpiRe messages, otherwise the other members will sign their names. Also my twitter is linked on my Wikia profile, and my eMpiRe facebook link is in the eMpiRe page for future reference.

Know that even though I haven't been checking up on the wiki as often, I still am here to help! I don't want to hinder moving forward with anything the community wants to start by not checking suggestions often enough, so please don't hesitate to contact me outside of Wikia!

Thanks everyone for your editing and ideas!

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