What always baffled me was in the list of covered dances, when the dancer collaborates with someone we say feat. dancer and collaborator.  For example, on Melochin's page it would say something like:

1. "PONPONPON" feat. Melochin and Miume (YYYY.MM.DD)

Why even say feat. Melochin? It's on his page in his list of covered dances, so obviously he's featured in it. It's just extra typing time for redundant information. It's always bothered me that I have to do this... I hate creating the lists because it's effortful and draining for me. So typing the own dancers name always bothers me. And another thing,"featuring" in this context to me personally implies that "oh yeah these people were also in this cover" sooo yeahhh

Also this isn't exclusively to the odorite wiki and rather to wikia entirely, but it bothers me that I don't get a notification when someone replies to my comment on an article. I have to check up in the wiki activity page to see.

Does anyone ever use the live chat? I've been tempted to try, though the wiki never says when someone is online. Do people get the messages later?

I added a 1 at the end of the post bc I'm not sure if I'll ever make these again... It's not good to whine, especially on a public post. But I'm mostly curious about this and then I add some complaining at the end.

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