Wow! The odorite wiki has been growing in popularity a lot more recently! We get more and more users making accounts! This is really cool. I'm glad people are helping expand the wiki!

I'm just curious what time zone you guys live in? I understand if you don't want to share due to privacy concerns and who is TisRis and why is she so nosy . I live in the Pacific Time Zone by the way, which is easy to figure out if one cares enough.

Also no one really mentions their gender here. It shouldn't really matter, but I guess I should refer to everyone with the generic pronoun  "ze." Does anyone use that pronoun? I am a female (obviously), so I suppose feminine pronouns will do. But I don't really care either way. I can be refered to as a he or a she and I wouldn't be insulted... I just might be confused. I originally picked a stage name to be a masculine name (Ris), but later changed it to a feminine name (Iris). My original stage name came from the name of a male character in a comic I used to write in my underclassmen years of high school. Ris is an uncommon male name of Hebrew orgin. I created it by taking my friend's name Chris and dropping the 'Ch' to shorten it... I needed short names for my comics. I liked the name for myself because it was unique and a male's name, and I really like the idea of androgyny. I'd liked that name for years, and it felt a part of me so I adopted it as my stage name. The name Iris doesn't have much meaning other than I Ris, You RIs, We all Ris for Iris. (Which I jokingly derive Iris, YURIs, Walrus).

I get it if you want to keep this all private! I personally put myself on the internet as a YouTube odorite and don't often use an alias, so it's simple to see from my dance videos and performances this information.

If you do answer my questions, thank you for sharing! Also thank you for reading my personal story... Sorry to have thrown that in there >.<


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