Photo (the point of this blog post):

Hahaha I'm such a dork for making this. But I paused the video of 1, 2 Fanclub to see Melochin's shirt go up and I instantly thought of this.

Personal Rant of Melochin (added bonus):

Oddly, the only time I'm insanely attracted to Melochin is in this video. I've never been much of a Melochin fan. I can't pull off his cute choreography and his hip hop style doesn't speak to me. He's really really cute in 1, 2 Fanclub though! It's his hair and face and clothes and his shirt goes up every 10 seconds and he has such a cute tiny waist ;u; also I love his facial expressions I just can't explain the love. This was the first video I shipped Miume and Melochin. Like, can they just please get married already? I never thought I'd ever say that. If you haven't seen 1, 2 Fanclub (which I'm sure you have if you aren't living under a rock) then do so now! Hurry, time is being wasted! You could be watching it a 15th time by now!

Melochin weibo

Melochin is a cutie

The Melochin feels.

I rarely get those.

But I have them now.

Please watch 1, 2 Fanclub.

Peace (^_~)v


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