• Mizomizore

    Hello Everyone!

    Recently Morning Musumen has posted an official FAQ page , including information regarding usage of their images. Here is a summary of their statement:

    Musumen forbids the following:

    1. Reposting of official photos, including but not limited to:
      • images/screenshots from DVD's
      • magazine scans
      • promotional photos
      • other official material
    2. Usage of ANY photos (official, personal, or self created) for SNS/social media icons, including but not limited to:
      • profile avatars
      • icons
      • banners
      • background images
      • other SNS/social media images

    Musumen allows the following:

    1. Sharing images you have created yourself, including:
      • Your OWN fan art (may be used for SNS/social media icons)
      • Photos of them you have personally taken at events (keep in mind that you still cannot…

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  • Mizomizore

    I kinda disapeared again, So I just wanted to say sorry once again for being away OTL

    I am keeping up to date with odotemitta stuff and there are things for the wiki I plan to create/work on , though I am taking three difficult courses right now so between homework and work I just have not had the time put them up OTL.

    I do check the wiki atleast every other day so if you ever have questions feel free to leave a post on my wall.

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  • Mizomizore

    Hello everyone! (owo)/

    I've been kinda inactive for the past 2-3 (?!?) weeks. This was partially due to vacation but also because of some personal matters that I have been dealing with so I haven't been able to make edits to the wiki.

    I just wanted to apologize for the sudden lack of activity and I will try to be a bit more active from now on.

    - Mizo


    I thought I would just add on to this instead of creating a new journal but I've been having internet troubbles and also have still been going through personal things so once again sorry for being inactive OTL I didn't exactly plan on disapearing for awhile so I feel bad.

    I would also like to thank Jadehlee for being so active on the wiki recently! You are a really big help, Thank you so much…

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  • Mizomizore

    As seen on the Arsmagna page for example:

    For anyone adding information to a group page about each member of the group, You can find the code for the show/collapse function on This Wiki Page

    It is under the subheadding "Selecting collapsible content " towards the end and has red text in it.

    You do not need to include the "This text should be visible as well. </div>" part of the code, which should be at the end of it

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  • Mizomizore

    Inactive rule

    June 14, 2015 by Mizomizore

    Hello (owo)/

    This is just an idea but I think we should set a rule where if a dancer or dance group is inactive for a year and has not made an official disbandment announcement that they will be considered inactive as a group.

    I've been starting to notice some pages that the dancer(s) haven't uploaded or have done any activity under that name in over a year so I think that its safe to say if its been a year and they have not done any new works they will be considered Inactive as a dancer/dancegroup.

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