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  • Bluemask

    I just realized, watching a dance is entertaining but what if you understood the song and how the choreography came about?

    I just re-watched every dance I liked and combined it with subs. It was a delight and everything comes to an understanding I have never realized before. So far I think it's good. Watching them with English dubs is a good alternative too, to be honest (English dubs sometimes omit words, changing the thought entirely. Not always though).

    I wish I had better things to do >_>.

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  • Bluemask

    Just kidding! LOL.

    Honestly, though... I'm taling about the new videos. The same videos just stay the same for months in the Odottemita Ranking. We need more original dances! BOOO!!!

    Oh.. and I'm the only one who think Melochin is overrated?? Pffftt. *Waits for headshot*

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