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Nora pic from twitter
Japanese のら (Nora)
Gender Female
Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2010-present
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Nora (のら) is an odorite with a wide variety of dance styles, from powerful dance covers to happy, cheerful covers.

Collaboration UnitsEdit

  1. Member of Kousokunekokamen
  2. Member of Ushi Dorobou
  3. Member of Love Rise!
  4. Member of Casppper

List of DancesEdit

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  1. "Luka Luka☆Night Fever" Nv (2010.04.01)
  2. "Bad Apple!" Nv feat. Nora and Yukito (2010.04.20)
  3. "Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder" Nv feat. Nora, Hotarubi and Ribesu (2010.05.02) (Original choreography)
  4. "Nostalogic" Nv (2010.05.07)
  5. "LOVE&JOY" Nv feat. Nora, Pattsun Girl, Megumu and U-JIN (2010.05.08)
  6. "Nostalogic" Nv (2010.05.27)
  7. "Lie" Nv (2010.06.14)
  8. "Soar" Nv feat. Nora and Tadanon (2010.08.20)
  9. "Luka Luka☆Night Fever" Nv (2010.08.25)
  10. "Sweetiex2" Nv feat. Nora and Taaan (2010.08.27)
  11. "First Kiss!" Nv feat. Nora, Taaan and Fugapii (2010.08.30)
  12. "Invisible Tears" Nv feat. Nora and MiLLeY (Original choreography) (2010.09.03)
  13. "BREEZE" Nv feat. Nora, Yakkun and Buru (2010.09.07)
  14. "First Kiss!" Nv feat. Nora and Pero (2010.10.02)
  15. "Ren'ai Circulation" Nv feat. Nora,aira* and Taaan (2010.10.11)
  16. "White Snow Princess" Nv feat. Nora, VAN, Hirara, Fugapii and Niini (2010.10.19)
  17. "BREEZE" Nv feat. Nora, aira* and Taaan (2010.10.26)
  18. "Beginner (AKB48 song)" Nv (2010.10.30)
  19. "NO, Thank You! (K-ON ending)" Nv feat. Nora, Yakkun, Serika, I C and O.D. (2010.11.30)
  20. "Ochame Kinou" Nv feat. Nora, Fugapii and Hinata (2011.01.06)
  21. "First Kiss!" Nv feat. Nora and Tsubakinmo☆ (2011.02.24)
  22. "BREEZE" Nv feat. Nora, Forgeru and Okkun (2011.02.28)
  23. "Kippuru Industry" Nv (2011.04.01)
  24. "Beautiful Mom Friends Who Work At The Same Hourly Rate" Nv feat. Nora, Aikawa Kozue, Hirara and Shion (2011.04.07)
  25. "Ochame Kinou" Nv feat. Nora, Nekojita, Ieneko and Iroha (2011.05.13)
  26. "Cinderella (PV ver.)" Nv feat. Nora, Melochin, Keitan and Yui Sakane (2011.06.13)
  27. "Cinderella (Full dance ver.)" Nv feat. Nora, Melochin, Keitan and Yui Sakane (2011.06.13)
  28. "Kippuu Industry" Nv feat. Nora and Shion Ria (2011.09.02)
  29. "magnet" Nv feat. Nora and Shion Ria (2011.09.09)
  30. "Mikan" Nv feat. Nora, Miume and Aikawa Kozue (2011.10.06)
  31. "BLACK MARIA" Nv feat. Nora, Miume, Kamen Liar 217 and Reichel (2011.11.09)
  32. "My Room Disco Night" Nv feat. Nora, Reichel, Aikawa Kozue and Hinata (2011.12.03)
  33. "Es〜dirty aspiration〜" Nv feat. Nora and Okame (2011.12.04)
  34. "Romeo and Cinderella" Nv feat. Nora and orion (2012.01.03)
  35. "Heart Beats" Nv (2012.04.01)
  36. "Girl Attempt At Crime" Nv feat. Nora and @Chi-chan (2012.05.02)
  37. "China Cyber @ Wo Ai Ni" Nv feat. Nora, Apricot*, Shion Ria and Mikumaro (2012.08.14)
  38. "Pushing Team B" Nv feat. Nora and Chika (2012.09.03)
  39. "Isshinfuran" Nv feat. Nora, Kamen Liar 217, Sacchaso, Katou and Azuma (2012.09.11)
  40. "Gravity Sympathy" Nv (2012.10.07)
  41. "Dogwood" Nv feat. Kousokunekokamen (2012.12.03)
  42. "MERRY GO ROUND" Nv feat. Nora, Aoi, Malon, 13 and Pan2
  43. "Ifuudoudou" Nv feat. Ushi Dorobou (2013.02.18) (Original Choreography)
  44. "Final Judgment" Nv feat. ODOROOM (2013.04.11)
  45. "Platinum -shin'in future mix-" Nv (2013.04.23)
  46. "Reincarnation" Nv feat. Kousokunekokamen (2013.06.01) (Original choreography)
  47. "WINE BERRY" Nv feat. Ushi Dorobou (2013.06.09) (Original choreography)
  48. "Gigantic O.T.N" Nv feat. Ushi Dorobou (2013.07.29) (Original choreography)
  49. "Invisible" Nv feat. Kousokunekokamen (2013.09.28) (Original choreography)
  50. "Viva Happy" Nv feat. Nora and Nami (2013.12.30)
  51. "Koshitantan" Nv feat. Casppper (2014.03.16) (Original choreography)
  52. "Higai Mousou Keitai Joshi (Wara)" Nv feat. Ushi Dorobou (2014.04.03) (Original Choreography)
  53. "SPiCa Nv (2014.04.08)
  54. "Are You Accustomed To Her" Nv (2014.04.23)
  55. "Jitter Doll" Nv feat. Kousokunekokamen and 4U (2014.05.04) (Original Choreography)
  56. "Moonlight Night" Nv feat. Nora, Miume and Aikawa Kozue (2014.06.11)
  57. "It's Our Miracle (TV size ver.)" Nv feat. Love Rise! (2014.07.08)
  58. "It's Our Miracle (Band Edition)" Nv feat. Love Rise (2014.07.13)
  59. "Happy Maker!" Nv feat. Love Rise! (2014.07.13)
  60. "Brain Revolution Girl" Nv feat. Kousokunekokamen (2014.09.13) (Original choreography)
  61. "FREELY TOMORROW" Nv feat. Nora and Kirinji (2014.12.18)
  62. "Dreamin' Chuchu" Nv (2015.02.13)
  63. "Pretty Prism Paradise!!!" Nv feat. Nora, Kamen Liar 217 and Yuki (2015.04.10)
  64. "Jinsei Reset Button" Nv feat. Nora, Shiita, Miume, Hona and Lilia Aya (2015.05.12)
  65. "Shangri-la Shower" Nv feat. Love Rise! (2015.05.17)
  66. "BURNING" Nv feat. Ushi Dorobou (2015.08.16) (Original choreography)

Sample VideoEdit

Dance by Nora
Choreography by Ashibuto Penta



  1. She is Blood type A [1]
  2. She was born in Hokkaido and currently lives in Tokyo [2]

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