Natalii J 恋空予報
Photo of Natalii
Japanese ナタリ
Also known as NataliiJDance
Gender Female
Born November 27[citation needed]
Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2012-present
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YT username

NataliiJDance (main)
NataliiJSong (singing covers)

Collab partner(s) Sofi, Merlii, Manu

Natalii (ナタリ) is a Colombian YouTube odorite who specializes in Kpop, H!P, and cute Jpop choreographies. She also sings.

She has over 1,000 subscribers on her NataliiJDance channel. She closed her old channel, natali43584.

List of DancesEdit

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  1. "世界一HAPPYな女の子" (2012.01.08)
  2. "会いたいロンリークリスマス" (2012.01.09)
  3. "Our Songs" feat. Natalii, Merlii (2012.01.09)
  4. "Hello/How are You?" (2012.01.10)
  5. "PON PON PON" (2012.01.11) (deleted video)
  6. "ZIGG-ZAGG" (2012.02.05)
  7. "Sweet Magic" (2012.02.16)
  8. "I am the Best" (2012.02.16)
  9. "Sweetiex2" feat. Sofi, Natalii (2012.04.23)
  10. "Heroine ni narou ka!" (2012.07.22)
  11. "ももち!許してにゃん♡体操" (2012.08.22)
  12. "Gangnam Style" (2012.09.24)
  13. "still doll" (2012.10.19)
  14. "First Kiss!" feat. Sofi, Natalii (2012.11.22)
  15. "Christmas Caramell Dansen" (2012.12.19)
  16. "Help Me!" (2012.12.30)
  17. "Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!" (2013.01.17)
  18. "magnet" feat. Angie, Natalii (2013.02.03)
  19. "Toluthin Antenna" (2013.03.05)
  20. "私が言う前に抱きしめなきゃね" (2013.04.20)
  21. "cha cha SING" feat. Manu, Natalii, Sofi ()
  22. "MEGITSUNE" (2013.07.24)
  23. "Lily Lily Burning Night" (2013.08.27)
  24. "[1] I Got a Boy" (2013.08.27)
  25. "UZA" (2014.01.18)
  26. "Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~" (2014.08.30)
  27. "Koizora Yohou" (2014.11.07)

Sample VideoEdit

"Kanashiki Heaven"
Dance by Natalii
Choreography by °C-ute


  • She speaks Spanish and Japanese
  • She performed at Sixth gTON Japan All Night in Bogotá, CO[1]
  • Her cover of Lily Lily Burning Night with Sofi was shown in the UKI UKI DANCE Event 2013[2]
  • She went to Mexico for °C-ute concert in Mexico City.

External LinksEdit


  1. Bogotá, CO Performance
  2. UKI UKI DANCE Event

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