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Japanese もめん (Momen)
Gender Female

(1991-02-12) February 12, 1991 (age 27)[1]

Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2012-present
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mylist/30865386 (dance covers)
Collab partner(s) Bookie
For Tomemon the YouTube odorite, see Tomemon.

Momen (もめん) is an odorite with a short, often boyish haircut, but a cute dancing style to contrast this. She both covers popular dances and creates her own original choreography, often with Bookie.

Collaboration UnitsEdit

  1. Member of Mabitechi-Z
  2. Member of MErBiii

List of DancesEdit

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  1. "te-yut-te" Nv (2012.03.03)
  2. "galaxias!" Nv (2012.03.18)
  3. "Hello, Mr. Chocolate" Nv (2012.04.14)
  4. "Sadistic Love" Nv feat. Momen and Bookie (2012.05.22)
  5. "Electric Star" Nv feat. Momen and Bookie (2012.05.27)
  6. "Ochame Kinou" Nv feat. Momen, Bookie and Oshiruko (2012.06.22)
  7. "Roku Chounen to Ichiya Monogatari" Nv feat. MErBiii (2012.09.21)
  8. "Roku Chounen to Ichiya Monogatari (Fixed ver.)" Nv feat. MErBiii (2012.09.24)
  9. "Fukayomi" Nv (2012.09.29)
  10. "Electric Love" Nv (2012.11.09)
  11. "Seiya Bokumetsu Chouzetsu Suisho-dan" Nv (2012.12.25)
  12. "Star Box" Nv feat. Momen and Etero (2012.12.25)
  13. "clock lock works" Nv (2013.03.03)
  14. "Haruichi" Nv (2013.04.08) (Original choreography)
  15. "Children Record" Nv feat. Mabitechi-Z (2013.05.04) (Original choreography)
  16. "Heisei Katakuri Rhythm" Nv feat. Mabitechi-Z (2013.08.23) (Original choreography)
  17. "Suki Kirai" Nv feat. Momen and Bookie (2013.09.13) (Original choreography)
  18. "Dream Creator" Nv feat. Momen and suu (2013.12.23)
  19. "Outer Science" Nv feat. Mabitechi-Z (2013.12.27) (Original choreography)
  20. "Okochama Sensou" Nv feat. Momen, Bookie and EcRaip (2013.02.07) (Original choreography)
  21. "Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game" Nv feat. Mabitechi-Z (2014.06.27)
  22. "drop pop candy" Nv feat. Momen and Akyari (2014.09.10) (Original choreography)
  23. "MAD HEAD LOVE" Nv feat. Momen and Bookie (2014.10.24)
  24. "Invisible" Nv feat. Momen, Micchara and Akyari (2014.12.13)
  25. "Yurufuwa Jukai Girl -arrange ver-" Nv (2014.12.25)
  26. "Panda Hero" Nv feat. Momen and Bookie (2015.01.23)
  27. "Rin Len Space Bandits" Nv feat. Momen and tawa. (2015.02.13)
  28. "39" Nv (2015.03.03)
  29. "Rooter's Song" Nv feat. Momen and Akyari (2015.03.14) (Original choreography)
  30. "Kinyoubi no Ohayou + another story" Nv feat. Momen and Bookie (2015.05.15)
  31. "All Night, The Idea Of Two" Nv feat. Momen and Satsuki (2015.07.24)
  32. "PiNK CAT" Nv feat. Momen, Bookie and Konitan (2015.08.21)
  33. "cLick cRack" Nv feat. Momen, @Azuki, Wata, Bookie and *sile (2015.11.13)
  34. "Aa, Subarashiki Nyan-sei" Nv feat. Momen and Bookie (2015.11.20)
  35. "Girls Talk" Nv feat. Momen, Mikumaro, Shion Ria, Rakuda, Kameyn and Akyari (2015.12.06)
  36. "Kokoronashi" Nv feat. Bookie(2016.02.19)
  37. "Eine Kleine " Nv(2016.03.03)
  38. "Chururira - Chururira - Daddadda!" Nv feat. Yakko(2016.04.19)

Sample VideoEdit

"Suki Kirai"
Dance by Momen and Bookie
Choreography by Momen and Bookie



  • She is about 172-3cm (about 5'7-8") tall. [2]
  • Her younger brother also does odottemita under the name Gotto who is a member of Bow•ﻌ•woW [3]

External linksEdit


  1. Momen's NND userpage
  2. Mentioned in a video description
  3. Gotto's Twitter Description