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Japanese マカオ (Makao)
Gender Male
Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2012-Present
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Other activities Cosplayer

Makao (マカオ) is a Hungarian cosplayer who first started uploading odottemita videos in late 2012. He has a subtly bouncy dance style.

Makao has medium-long, straight hair often tied into a ponytail. He has a quite feminine face and features, including his slim body. He often lip-syncs and smiles during his dance videos.

Makao usually covers simple, cute choreography. His videos are mainly set in his living room. Although he is typically seen wearing casual clothes, he is occasionally seen wearing either full or casual cosplay in his videos.

In early 2015, Makao released his first choreography to "My Sweetheart."

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List of DancesEdit

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  1. "Luka★Luka Night Fever" -Live- (2012.12.17)
  2. "Strobe Nights" (2013.01.01)
  3. "Luka★Lily☆Megu Medley" -Live- feat Makao and Erika (2013.04.25)
  4. "Shake it!" (2013.05.13)
  5. "Hello, How are you?" (2013.07.24)
  6. "Twinkle Days" (2014.01.01)
  7. "LastNightDance" (2014.01.11)
  8. "Lamb" Nv (2014.02.21)
  9. "Melt" (2014.03.03)
  10. "ぐーぐー " feat ✩MU (2014.04.17)
  11. "Happy Halloween" Nv (2014.10.30)
  12. "Renai Circulation" (2014.12.21)
  13. "Luka Luka ★Night Fever" (2014.12.21)
  14. "Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai" (removed audio due to copyright) (2014.12.22)
  15. "Snow Halation" (2015.01.11)
  16. "Mogyutto "love" de Sekkin Chuu!" (2015.02.14)
  17. "Loveccino" (2015.02.14)
  18. "GIFT" (2015.04.01)
  19. "Yellow" (2015.04.16)
  20. "My Sweetheart" (Original Choreography) (2015.04.24)

Sample VideoEdit

Dance by Makao
Choreography by Nullpon



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