Gender Male, Female
Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2011 - present
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JumpShip (main)
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Collab partner(s) CozmossE, Ari 。Ki

JumpShip (formerly known as CosStarDance) is an international dance group of 17 YouTube odorite that covers the Vocaloid, J-Pop, and K-Pop genre. Occasionally, the majority of the members that are primarily located in the North Eastern section of America record covers and hold dance gatherings at various anime conventions like Katsucon, Otakon, Tekkoshocon, and AnimeNEXT.


After their name change, JumpShip gave off a nautical theme to their group - symbolizing a huge "jump" into new changes that would come forth.

Dance StyleEdit

JumpShip overall has a variety of styles like energetic, cutesy, sexy, and more with a variety of genres such as house, hip hop, modern, etc. Their main focus is to cover as many genres as possible in order to put on fun performances that anyone can enjoy.


JumpShip originally made their mark as CosStarDance from 2011 - 2015. They were guests at many conventions, had won several masquerades, and put on dance showcases/gatherings at at least 3 conventions per year. In March of 2015, all but one member reformed into the group JumpShip, with a new YouTube channel.


Current Members

  1. Pom (Leader: 1st Generation; formerly known as Pomegranate-Lolita)
  2. Adore (Co-Leader: 2nd Generation)
  3. Souless (2nd Generation; formerly known as Souless-Solace)
  4. Jayson (2nd Generation; formerly known as Hale-Stars or Haruto)
  5. Princess (2nd Generation; formerly known as Demon-Nyan or Princess-Kawaii)
  6. Angelstarr Sakura (2nd Generation)
  7. Tiger (2nd Generation; formerly known as Crouching-Tiger)
  8. Putputters (3rd Generation)
  9. Taylor (3rd Generation; formerly known as Delight, past member of Dansu To Pantsu)
  10. Bones (3rd Generation)
  11. Raesak (3rd Generation)
  12. Gurenki (3rd Generation)
  13. Panda (3rd Generation)
  14. KP (4th Generation)
  15. Danno (5th Generation)
  16. MC Jojo (5th Generation)

Retired Members

  1. Light: Graduated 2015 (Ex-Leader: 1st Generation; formerly known as Heavenly-Light, currently known as Marcus)
  2. BriBri: Graduated 2014 (3rd Generation)
  3. Hoshi: Graduated 2014 (3rd Generation)
  4. Futurex Walker: Left 2014 (3rd Generation; currently known as Memory)
  5. Melancholic-Bunny: Left 2013 (2nd Generation; formerly known as Melancholic-Kitty, currently known as Juliane)

Collaborations Edit

Dance UnitsEdit

  • Member of Dance Masters United

Collaborative ProjectsEdit

Jump Ship has done several collaborations with CozmossEAri 。Ki, and the Leader of Heart Shot Project (Viola).

List of DancesEdit

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Sample VideoEdit

"それは僕たちの奇跡 (That is Our Miracle)"
Dance by JumpShip
Choreography by μ's


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