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Jojo's Channel Icon
Gender Male
Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2014-present
YT channel


Collab partner(s) Momo

Jojo is a YouTube odorite with a sharp, masculine dance style, often covering energetic choreography.

Jojo uploaded his first dance cover of Melochin's "PONPONPON" in early Feburary 2014, featuring him and his younger sister, Momo. Since then, Jojo has debuted solo, gaining over 3,000 on his most popular dance covers.

Jojo and Momo tag their duo collaborations as "MOJO." When not dancing with Jojo, Momo occasionally appears in the video NG.

Collaboration UnitsEdit

List of DancesEdit

Notice: Sorted with oldest uploaded first. If you see something missing that needs to be here, please add it. If you find a deadlink, please edit or give further notice.
  1. "PONPONPON" feat. MOJO (2014.02.01)
  2. "Melody Line" feat. MOJO (2014.02.13)
  3. "Gigantic OTN" (2014.04.15)
  4. "Electric Angel" feat. MOJO (2014.04.15)
  5. "A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night" (2014.02.05)
  6. "Plus Boy" (2014.06.06)
  7. "Otokonoko Memorable (remix ver)" (2014.07.1)
  8. "I'll Do It! Scam!" feat. MOJO (2014.07.24)
  9. "Youkai Exercise" (2014.08.19)
  10. "Caramelldansen" (2014.10.19)
  11. "Zombie Zombie Generation" (2014.10.18)
  12. "Rinrinmaru's Deep Anger" (2014.11.22)
  13. "Love! Snow! Really Magic!" (2014.12.13)
  14. "Go My Way!" (2014.12.24)
  15. "First Kiss!" feat. MOJO (2015.01.17)
  16. "Because It's Warm" (2015.01.24)
  17. "Do Ra Mi Fa Rondo" (2015.02.07)
  18. "Koi no 2-4-11" (2015.02.23)
  19. "Because It's Warm (Q'ulle ver)" (2015.03.14)
  20. "Guu Guu" feat. Jojo and friends (2015.03.22)
  21. "Donut Hole" (2015.04.11)
  22. "Birthday Song for Miku" (2015.05.1)
  23. "PiNK CAT" (2015.05.10)
  24. "Marine Dreamin' " (2015.05.16)
  25. "Lily Lily★Burning Night" (2015.05.30)
  26. "Ban Ban BUU☆!" (2015.06.02)
  27. "Burenai Ai De (arranged short ver)" (2015.06.30)
  28. "Twinkle World" (2015.07.04)
  29. "Marine Dreamin' (short ver)" Nv
  30. "Burenai ai de" feat. 20beans + Yume-chan (2015.07.31)
  31. "Futuristic Innocence" (2015.08.12)
  32. 'Midsummer Letter Rainbow (FULL ver)" (2015.08.15)
  33. "Happy Halloween (dance mashup)" (2015.10.11)
  34. "Sweet Decola Ice Cream Holic" (2015.10.24)
  35. "HORIZON" (2015.11.04)
  36. "GIFT" (2015.11.07)
  37. "45 seconds" (2015.11.26)
  38. "Melting Snowman's Love Song" (2015.12.05)
  39. "Teach me!! The Magical Lyrics" (2015.12.24)
  40. "Music Music" (2015.01.18)
  41. "kimiiro ni somaru" (2016.01.26)
  42. "My Sweetheart (Tokyo Mew Mew OP)" (2016.02.14)
  43. "Marine Bloomin'" (2016.04.24)
  44. "It Doesn't Matter Anymore (Original Choreography)" ft. 20beans (2016.05.01)
  45. "Once Upon A Me" (2016.05.02)
  46. "Tokio Funka" (2016.05.09)

Sample VideoEdit

"Plus Boy"
Dance by Jojo
Choreography by ARSMAGNA




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