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Japanese ハイディ (Haidi)
Also known as DansuDansuToyko (former channel), Hai-chan (nickname)
Gender Female

(1996-07-08) July 08, 1996 (age 22)[1]

Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2007-present
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heidimillefeuille (main)
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Heidi (ハイディ) is an American YouTube odorite interested in cutesy choreography and fashion. She has a soft, delicate dancing style, emitting a dreamy look while dancing. She covers many idol and cutesy odorite dances in cute Japanese style clothing. Many of her earlier videos on her new channel were filmed when she lived in Japan, although most are inside, showing off her idol embellished room.

She originally posted on a YouTube account called DansuDansuTokyo beginning in 2007, managing around 800 subs and about 10,000 views on her most viewed video. It was deleted June 2013 due to copyright.[2][3] Since she started posting to her new channel in 2013, she has gained over 700 subscribers and has over 3,000 views on her most popular cover, "Kisaragi Attention." She also posts to Nico Nico Douga, however two of her earlier accounts and one of her communities were also deleted due to copyright.

Heidi is active on her YouTube channel as well as performing with her idol group SBA0048 at Japanese themed events such as Animation on Display, Cherry Blossom Festival, and Fanime.

Collaboration UnitsEdit

  • Member of SBA0048
  • Member of 20beans

List of DancesEdit

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  1. "Pon Pon Pon" (2013.06.09)
  2. "Uchouten LOVE" (2013.06.09)
  3. "Luka Luka Night Fever" (2013.06.09)
  4. "Hello How Are You" (2013.06.09)
  5. "Valentine Kiss" (2013.06.09)
  6. "Happy Synthesizer" (2013.06.09)
  7. "Sweet Magic" (2013.06.09)
  8. "Only You" (2013.06.09)
  9. "Yumemiru 15sai" (2013.06.09)
  10. "Darumasan Ga Koronda" (2013.06.09)
  11. "ZIGG-ZAGG" (2013.06.09)
  12. "FirstKiss!" (2013.06.09)
  13. "Guu-Guu" (2013.06.09)
  14. "Dot Bikini" (2013.06.09)
  15. "Koi Kana" (2013.06.09)
  16. "Yay! yay! Yay!" (2013.06.09)
  17. "Hare Hare Yukai" (2013.06.09)
  18. "Junjo Fighter" (2013.06.09)
  19. "Girls" (2013.06.09)
  20. "Sweet Devil" (2013.06.09)
  21. "So Much Loving You" (2013.06.09)
  22. "La, La, Love You" (2013.06.09)
  23. "Sadistic Love" (2013.06.09)
  24. "Galaxias" (2013.06.09)
  25. "Melt" (2013.06.09)
  26. "Sweet Magic" (2013.06.09)
  27. "Happy Synthesizer" (2013.06.09)
  28. "Yurushite Nyan Taisou" (2013.06.09)
  29. "Ookina Ai Da Motenashite" (2013.06.09)
  30. "Dance de Bakoon" (2013.06.09)
  31. "Help Me!!" (2013.06.09)
  32. "Want!" (2013.06.09)
  33. "Take A Chance" (2013.06.09)
  34. "Kisagari Attention" (2013.06.09)

Sample VideoEdit

"Romance to Tochuu"
Dance by Heidi
Choreography by Juice=Juice



  • She made it as a finalist in the Jpop Summit 2012 Vocaloid Dance Contest, judged by Kylee (Pop Singer/Songwriter), Mary Sano (Artistic director of the Mary Sano Studio), Tempo P (Founder/Composer of Vocalekt Visions), and Tiffany Fujii (J-POP SUMMIT 2011 Dance Champion) [4][5]
  • She didn't pass auditions for the Jpop Summit 2014 Odottemita Contest, but she was invited to perform on the Japan Discovery Stage[6][7][8]
  • She was a model in the Jpop Summit 2014 SETO Aymmy Fashion show for Ayumi Seto's brand "Ayummi in the bratty girls" along with Una[9], Ayumi Seto[10], and Misa Kimura[11][12][13]
  • She can speak English and Japanese[14]
  • She studied abroad in a Japanese home stay program from February 2013 to March 2014
  • Her favorite idol group is AKB48[14]
  • She loves cutesy idols such as Hello!Project, SUPER GiRLS, Sid, and Momoiro Clover Z[15]
  • Her dream is to become a singing and dancing Japanese Idol[15]

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