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Empire looking towards the future
Backstage at J-POP Summit 2015 (From left to right: Iris, Florence, Beck, Xan)
Japanese エンパイア (enpaia)
Also known as Octopus Ventures
Gender Male, Female

(2014-07-19) July 19, 2014 (age 3)[1]

Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2014-present
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Collab partner(s) Axe

Empire (エンパイア) is a 4 member YouTube odorite unit based in America specializing in hip hop or fierce Jpop and Kpop styles. They are most known for their energetic charisma and bold dance performance.



The name Empire derived from the members' motivation to achieve their goals, thus "building their empire."[2] The name is also a symbol of their unity, as the members are like a family.[3]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Empire's signature color is royal blue. Their crew logo is a dragon wing.

Iris has a free spirited persona. She has short hair and an energetic hip hop dance style.

Beck has curly hair and round glasses. She has a carefree attitude and a laid back dance style.

Florence has an animated, energetic persona and a sharp, bouncy dance style.

Xan has a bubbly yet feirce attitude and a soft, sassy dance style.

Dance StyleEdit

Empire is more commonly known for hip hop and fierce style Jpop dances, but has an occasional interest in cute choreography.


Current MembersEdit

  1. Iris
  2. Beck
  3. Florence
  4. Xan
  5. Kisa

Member ProfilesEdit

  • Iris
    • Full Name: Iris Mage
    • Status: Leader, Management & Directing [1]
    • Image Color: Pink
    • Birthday: July 22 [4]
    • Likes: Musumen [5]
  • Beck
    • Full Name: Beck Vent
    • Status: Public Relations & Communication [1]
    • Image Color: Blood red
    • Birthday: June 30
    • Likes: BIGBANG [6]
  • Florence
    • Full Name: Florence Mauntell
    • Status: Multimedia & Design [1]
    • Image Color: Turquoise
    • Birthday: April 25, 1996 [7]
    • Likes: Yoshi
  • Xan
    • Full Name: Xan Canei
    • Status: Promotional Assistance [1]
    • Image Color: Blue
    • Birthday: April 10 [8]
    • Likes: Kagamine Rin [9]
  • Kisa
    • Full Name: Kisa Mojo
    • Status: Trainee [1]
    • Image Color: Wisteria
    • Birthday: April 26



Empire first debuted on July 19, 2014[1] under the name Octopus Ventures, but was reborn later that year with the expansion of Xan and Florence.[3]

Originally created by Iris and Beck, the Empire duo debuted with Miume's choreography to "Romeo and Cinderella," bringing them to J-POP Summit 2014's dance finals.[10] An established YouTube odorite since 2012, Florence joined Empire after competing in the J-POP Summit 2014 finals (as part of Mugen Squid Squad).[10]Their first YouTube video was an audition to J-POP Summit.


Since their first upload, Empire has gained over 400 subscribers on YouTube.

Iconic PerformancesEdit

Empire was invited to be a guest performer at Ani-Me Pop Summit on June 18, 2016. They performed live on the main stage.

Awards & RecognitionEdit

Empire, featuring all 4 members, won 1st place in the J-POP Summit 2015 Odottemita Group Contest with Casppper's choreography to "Koshitantan" on August 8th, 2015. [11]


Dance UnitsEdit

  1. Member of 20beans
  2. Member of Dance Masters United
  3. Member of PRiSMix

Iconic Collaborative ProjectsEdit

Empire is the founder of 20beans, a YouTube collaborative unit of Jpop dancers around the world.[12] Arranged by Iris, YouTube odorite who were friends and fans of Florence created a birthday collaboration medley of Florence's Original Choreography.

In 2016, Empire collaborated as part of PRiSMix, winning the GARNiDELiA Special Award with "Gokuraku Jodo" at the J-POP Summit 2016 Odottemita Contest.[13]

Special NoticesEdit

Video RepostingEdit

Empire forbids video reposting.

List of DancesEdit

Notice: Sorted with oldest uploaded first. If you see something missing that needs to be here, please add it. If you find a deadlink, please edit or give further notice.
  1. "Ochame Kinou" (2014.06.22)
  2. "Rotten Heresy and Chocolate" (2014.06.22)
  3. "PONPONPON" (2014.07.07)
  4. "Love & Joy" (2014.07.15)
  5. "Caramell Dansen" feat. Mari (2014.09.20)
  6. "Sweet Magic" (2015.02.08)
  7. "First Kiss!" (2015.04.23)
  8. "Florence's Birthday Medley 2015" feat. 20beans (2015.04.25)
  9. "Happy Synthesizer" feat. Adriatic, Pandarox (2015.05.27)
  10. "Toluthin Antenna" (2015.06.29)
  11. "Florence's Birthday Medley" -#YODSP Edition- (2015.10.01)
  12. "Happy Halloween" feat. 20beans (2015.11.19)
  13. "Koshitantan" -April Fools Day Edition- (2015.04.01)
  14. "Gokuraku Jodo" feat. PRiSMix (2016.06.03)
  15. "Gokuraku Jodo" (2016.09.03)

Sample VideoEdit

Dance by Empire
Choreography by Casppper
At time 0:31, the dancers from left to right are: Florence, Beck, Iris, Xan



  • Their logo (a royal blue dragon wing) was designed by Beck and officially drawn by Florence.[14]
  • Iris and Beck were one of the 9 solo/group finalists in the J-POP Summit 2014 Odottemita Contest with Miume's and Kimagure Prince's choreography to "Romeo and Cinderella" (2014.07.19)[10]
    • Iris and Beck competed as a duo under the name Octopus Ventures against Mugen Squid Squad, a duo of Florence and his friend Axe, as this was before Florence joined eMpiRe
    • Florence later joined Octopus Ventures (along with Xan), re-establishing as eMpiRe in fall 2014

External LinksEdit

Empire GroupEdit







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