• TisRis

    I just coded the  at the top of the pages.

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  • TisRis

    I just coded a place for "Other Dance Status" in infoboxes. The variable is called "otherstatus." This is used for dancers who have dance activies outside of odottemita. For example, (idk if this is true or not) Nyantaro may be:

    which displays

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  • TisRis

    Originally, I had said that we shouldn't list different choreos on the same page. But I think it's too messy to title the pages "Koshitantan (Casppper)" "Koshitantan (K'suke)" and so on and then use disambuguition articles. Also it'd be cool to list multiple choreos on the same page so if someone likes a song, they can find several options of dances to learn.

    An example of Famous Odottemita Dances that use the same song would be:

    • Koshitantan by Casppper
    • Koshitantan by K'suke (musumen ver.)
    • Koshitantan by ATY

    I have coded a template to apply mulitple choreographers on the same song using the Utaite Wiki's Song Covers > Song Chorus bar. At the moment, the bar only takes 3 different dances. If a 4th or more is needed, please contact me so I can co…

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  • Jadehlee

    Hello! Like my masterpost of YouTube channels I made a while back, I thought it would be a good idea to have all odorite social media in one place, including odorite's who don't have pages yet, so people don't have to jump between all the articles to find them all. I've put YouTube channels on here again so it's all together, and included Ririri and Takkun (AMU's brother) as well, but if anyone objects I can take them off.

    Tbh I've probably missed off a lot, so if there's someone or something I missed, let me know and I'll include them!

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  • Mizomizore

    Hello Everyone!

    Recently Morning Musumen has posted an official FAQ page , including information regarding usage of their images. Here is a summary of their statement:

    Musumen forbids the following:

    1. Reposting of official photos, including but not limited to:
      • images/screenshots from DVD's
      • magazine scans
      • promotional photos
      • other official material
    2. Usage of ANY photos (official, personal, or self created) for SNS/social media icons, including but not limited to:
      • profile avatars
      • icons
      • banners
      • background images
      • other SNS/social media images

    Musumen allows the following:

    1. Sharing images you have created yourself, including:
      • Your OWN fan art (may be used for SNS/social media icons)
      • Photos of them you have personally taken at events (keep in mind that you still cannot…

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  • TisRis

    I recently coded a notice and preloaded templates to appear when creating new pages. This will save the time of copying and pasting from the layouts page!

    1. Click "Contribute" in the upper right corner of any page (right above the navigation bar).
    2. Select "Add a Page" from the dropdown menu.
    3. Name your page & Choose Standard layout.
    4. In the classic editor, preloaded templates for Solo Dancer, Dance Unit, Popular Choreography, Competition Event, and Performance Event will be available for selection.
    5. Please do not use the default format (with 2 videos on the right). Only use the provided preloaded templates below the yellow notice.
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  • TisRis

    Since a few odorites have them I added the option to input it into the infobox. It won't show up if you don't put anything in. I don't know who has them, so I only fixed Miume 's for now. It'd be a great help for anyone to add them (and delete the link listed in external links)

    Adding it is as simple as adding their NND ID, mylist, community, or YouTube usernames. See Miume's page for an example of the implemented code.

    • Edit in visual editor
    • Edit infobox
    • Scroll to find "NNDchannel" slot
    • Input the part of the link after the forward slash
      • To input this link
      • only input "miume-ume"

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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  • Mizomizore

    As seen on the Arsmagna page for example:

    For anyone adding information to a group page about each member of the group, You can find the code for the show/collapse function on This Wiki Page

    It is under the subheadding "Selecting collapsible content " towards the end and has red text in it.

    You do not need to include the "This text should be visible as well. </div>" part of the code, which should be at the end of it

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  • TisRis

    I recently discovered the ability to use  and other templates here

    This could potentially solve a few problems.

    This doesn't work as well in leading to other wikis unfortunately, which was my original intention.

    How should we apply this template?

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  • Jadehlee

    Odorite YouTube channels

    February 13, 2015 by Jadehlee

    I thought having like a masterpost of odorite's YouTube channels on here would be a good idea, but I wasn't sure where we'd put it or anything, so I thought to just put it on here for now as a resource. These are just the ones that I'm subscribed to, so there'll probably be some missing, so add any else that you know. I don't really know any Youdorites either other than AriKi, but I expect that TisRis will :D

    Also, I've put Ririri on here because I figured it's just a link to her channel so theres no actual info or anything about her. I can take it down if anyone objects.

    • Aikawa Kozue
    • Akyari
    • AMU, Second Channel
    • Arasa5
    • Ari。Ki
    • Ashibuto Penta
    • AiZe
    • Bookie
    • BoopBoopBeeDoop
    • Butsudan Kamen
    • *Chocolate Bomb
    • Color Pointe
    • Cozmosse
    • Gets/Tora-san
    • Iku…
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