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Ambigu Daisuki
Ambidai 1
Left to right Sagi,Levi-Tan,Seo,Himuro,Dhamski (Not in picture Mika,Felicia)
Japanese アンビ具 大好き / アンビ台 (Ambigu Daisuki/Ambidai)
Gender Male
Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2014-present
YT username


Ambigu Daisuki/AMBIDAI (アンビ具 大好き / アンビ台) is an Indonesian Odottemita Group and a Youtube Odorite. Haseo/Seo (ハセヲ/せよ) dance is type is Locking and Popping. Himuro (氷室) mostly use an Energetic Jumpy move’s and a Little bit of waving too. Levi-Tan (レヴィ-たん) move set usually consist of graceful yet power filled moves. Kurau Sagi (食らう 詐欺) Dance is describe as “Bony” or Bone Lock. Dhamski (ダム好き) tweak dances with adding his own moves. Mika-Chan (みかちゃん) and Felicia (フェリシア) they do dances with Cute yet Clumsy and Humoric moves.

AMBIDAI now has over 105 Subscriber on Youtube since the channel is made in early 2014. AMBIDAI first video on the channel is a Flashmob video of Happy synthesizer with a few friends. AMBIDAI most popular video is their Gigantic OTN cover using ARSMAGNA Choreography which has 1.649 view's.

Before AMBIDAI was formed most of the members were already uploading videos to their own channel,but after the group was formed they move all uploading to the main channel.

AMBIDAI previously had another member, but due to circumstances She decides to leave the group,Her position is replaced by Sagi. Aside from doing dance cover AMBIDAI also do some VLOGs and interviews at Japanese culture and cosplay events.


  1. Haseo
  2. Himuro
  3. Levi-Tan
  4. Kurau Sagi
  5. Dhamski
  6. Mika
  7. Felicia

List of DancesEdit

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  1. "Happy Synthesizer" feat. Seo,Himuro,Levi-Tan,Rikunnan,Kaiba Aoshiro,Kohane Janisu,Hotaru Retsuga,Francisca Cornelia (2014.03.12)
  2. "Flashmob at Cosplay event" (2014.03.12)
  3. "Happy Synthesizer" feat. Sagi,Himuro (2014.03.30)
  4. "Senbon Zakura" feat Seo,Himuro,Dhamski,Ryo Kusuma (2014.03.31)
  5. "Dancing Samurai" feat. Dhamski,Himuro (2014.04.01)
  6. "Bad Apple" feat. Himuro,Irdham (2014.04.04)
  7. "Performance for Hobby Fest 2.0" feat. Dhamski,Himuro,Levi-Tan,Sagi,Seo (2014.05.05)
  8. "Baby Maniacs" feat. Seo,Himuro (2014.05.11)
  9. "Romeo to Cinderella" feat. Sagi (2014.05.11)
  10. "LUCIFER" feat. Himuro (2014.05.11)
  11. "Soar" feat. Levi-Tan (2014.05.11)
  12. "Just Be Friends" feat. Seo,Himuro (2014.05.26)
  13. "Gigantic OTN" feat. Levi-Tan,Himuro (2014.05.30)
  14. "Happy Synthesizer" feat. Levi-Tan,Himuro (2014.05.30)
  15. "Panda Hero" feat. Himuro (2014.05.30)
  16. "Romeo to Cinderella" feat. Levi-Tan (2014.05.30)
  17. "Performance for Grand Hikmah" feat. Levi-Tan,Mika,Felicia,Himuro,Seo,Dhamski,Ryo Kusuma,Arief (2014.07.20)
  18. "Baby Maniacs" feat. Seo (2014.07.24)
  19. "Panda Hero" feat. Himuro (2014.08.01)
  20. "Dancing Samurai" feat. Himuro (2014.08.07)
  21. "Bad∞End∞Night" feat. Sagi (2014.08.22)
  22. "Matryoshka" feat. Himuro,Levi-Tan (2014.08.29)
  23. "Matryoshka" feat. Sagi (2014.09.05)
  24. "panda Hero" feat. Levi-Tan (2014.09.11)
  25. "Six trillion years and overnight story" feat. Seo (2014.09.19)
  26. "Gigantic OTN" feat. Seo,Himuro,Levi-Tan,Sagi,Dhamski (2014.09.22)
  27. "Shake it!" feat. Dhamski,Himuro (2014.10.03)
  28. "Senbon Zakura" feat. Himuro,Sergie Vergio,Ryo Kusuma (2014.10.09)
  29. "Tell your world" feat. Seo (2014.10.16)
  30. "Performance for Hana No Matsuri" feat. Seo,Sagi,Himuro (2014.10.19)
  31. "Soar" feat. Levi-Tan (2014.10.23)
  32. "Performance for Tokyo Zilla" feat. Seo,Dhamski,Himuro,Levi-Tan,Sagi (2014.10.30)
  33. "LUCIFER" feat. Himuro (2014.11.06)
  34. "LUVORATORRRRRY!" feat. Himuro (2014.11.20)
  35. 'Gigantic OTN feat. Himuro (2014.12.18)
  36. "Only My Railgun" feat. Levi-Tan (2014.12.25)
  37. "Dancing Samurai feat. Himuro.Levi-Tan (2015.01.01)
  38. "Tell your world" feat. Seo (2015.01.08)
  39. "Yaranaika" feat. Levi-Tan (2015.01.15)
  40. "Bad Apple" feat. Himuro,Seo (2015.01.22)
  41. "Performance for Comifuro 5" feat. Seo,Sagi,Levi-Tan,Himuro,Levin Satsuki (2015.01.29)
  42. "Comifuro 5 Flashmob" (2015.02.05)
  43. "LUVORATORRRRRY!" feat. Seo (2015.02.12)
  44. "1,2 Fanclub" feat. Mika,Felicia (2015.02.19)
  45. "BREEZE" feat. Seo (2015.02.26)
  46. "Romeo to Cinderella" feat. Sagi,Levi-Tan (2015.03.05)
  47. "Wonderful Nippon" feat. Mika,Felicia,Seo (2015.03.13)
  48. "Happy Synthesizer" feat. Seo,Levi-Tan,Himuro,Mika,Felicia,Senka Yuuko,Seo's Sister,Jun (2015.03.22)
  49. "Baby Maniacs" feat. Seo,Himuro (2015.03.26)
  50. "SPLASH FREE" feat. Himuro (2015.04.02)
  51. "Panda Hero" feat. Himuro,Levi-Tan (2015.04.13)
  52. "Cirno no perfect Sansuu Kyoushitsu" feat. Levi-Tan (2015.04.16)
  53. "Performance for Japan Pop Art Culture" feat. Seo,Himuro,Dhamski,Sagi (2014.04.23)
  54. "Mozaik Role" feat. Himuro (2015.04.30)
  55. "Performance for Hobby Fest 3.0" feat. Himuro,Sagi,Seo,Levi-Tan,Dhamski (2015.05.08)
  56. "Performance for Ennichisai 2015" feat. Seo,Sagi,Levi-Tan,Himuro,Dhamski (2015.05.18)
  57. "Ton Ton Mae!" feat. Mika,Felicia (2015.05.21)
  58. "Hi-Fi Raver" feat. Levi-Tan,Himuro,Ryo Kusuma (2015.05.28)
  59. "Happy Synthesizer" feat. Himuro,Levi-Tan,Sagi (2015.06.05)

Sample VideoEdit

"Gigantic OTN"
Dance by AMBIDAI
Choreography by ARSMAGNA