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Japanese @ちーちゃん (@Chi-chan)
Gender Female

(1983-02-11) February 11, 1983 (age 34)[1]

Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2010-present
NND related sites NND user page
Collab partner(s) Kozou

@Chi-chan (@ちーちゃん) is an odorite who has a strong dancing style. In her early videos, she was known for her bright hair.

Collaboration UnitsEdit

  1. Member of AZ@TOROiD

List of DancesEdit

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  1. "Spring Shower" Nv (2010.12.22)
  2. "Happy Synthesizer" Nv (2011.01.11)
  3. "unbreakable tie" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Hotarubi (2011.02.07) (Original choreography)
  4. "Panda Hero" Nv (2011.02.10)
  5. "Spring Shower" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Mii, Kawachan, Ryuu, Tachu and Tsubame (2011.02.11)
  6. "Jumping" Nv (2011.03.11)
  7. "Memeshikute" Nv (2011.04.13)
  8. "Spring Shower" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Okkun (2011.05.06)
  9. "BlackJack" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and END (2011.05.08)
  10. "soar" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Tadanon (2011.05.09)
  11. "I Love You I Need You" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Megugu (2011.05.12)
  12. "Shirayuki no Princess wa" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Rain (2011.05.15)
  13. "Spring Shower" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Yakkun (2011.05.15)
  14. "Ability To Stir The Audience" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Tadanon, Yoshoku and Yakkun (2011.05.16)
  15. "I Love You I Need You" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Fugapi (2011.05.17)
  16. "Panda Hero" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and COTTON CANDY (2011.05.17)
  17. "Interstellar Flight" Nv (2011.05.21)
  18. "Trauma Hostesses" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Tadanon, TRUMP, Rain, Chika, Nyantaro, Kusari-on Project, kaNami and Norakura (2011.05.26)
  19. "Matryoshka" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Watsuki (2011.05.27)
  20. "BREEZE" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Sakurako and Mikanko (2011.06.16)
  21. "Melancholic" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Chika (2011.06.23)
  22. "Shirayuki no Princess wa" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Kamen Liar 217 and Reichel (2011.06.26)
  23. "Panda Hero" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and TOYBOX (2011.07.04)
  24. "Taka no Tsume" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Tsubame (2011.07.12)
  25. "Ribonrura Taisou" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Tsubame (2011.07.19)
  26. "Ability To Stir The Audience" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Nikoria, Okame and Tsubakinmo☆ (2011.07.31)
  27. "BREEZE" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Kozou and Nyamo (2011.08.01)
  28. "Lucifer" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kamen Liar 217 (2011.08.20)
  29. "Uragiri no Yuuyake" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, K介 and En (2011.08.23)
  30. "Es ~dirty aspiration~" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kogeko (2011.08.31)
  31. "Maji YORU 1000%" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Okame, Mushroom, Chika, Pan2 and Ki-hei (2011.09.04)
  32. "Uragiri no Yuuyake" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Tadanon (2011.09.08)
  33. "LOL -lots of laugh-" Nv feat. AZ@TOROiD (2011.09.09)
  34. "Bangyaru Syndrome" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kotaro (2011.11.05)
  35. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" Nv (2011.11.17)
  36. "Panda Hero" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Sakurako (2011.11.22)
  37. "te-yut-te" Nv (2011.11.30)
  38. "fix" Nv (2011.12.09)
  39. "magnet" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kogeko (2011.12.23)
  40. "ZIGG-ZAGG" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Ririri (2011.12.30)
  41. "FREELY TOMORROW" Nv feat. AZ@TOROiD (2012.01.06)
  42. "Daruma-san ga Korunda" Nv (2012.01.10)
  43. "Gu- Gu-" Nv (2012.02.14)
  44. "Fuck PTA" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kogeko (2012.04.15)
  45. "Sweet Magic" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Kaoru and Rin (2012.04.23)
  46. "Girl Attempt" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Nora (2012.05.02)
  47. "te-yut-te" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Asu and Rua (2012.05.15)
  48. "Es ~dirty aspiration~" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Datekochasu (2012.06.12)
  49. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" Nv (2012.06.15)
  50. "Ribonbura Taisou" Nv (2012.06.27)
  51. "galaxias!" Nv (2012.09.19)
  52. "KiLLER LADY" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kozou (2012.10.05)
  53. "te-yut-te" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Ririri (2012.12.13)
  54. "Girls" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Kozou and Mikachinu (2013.01.05)
  55. "Confession Rehearsal" Nv (2013.06.19)
  56. "Gigantic O.T.N" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kozou (2013.09.11)
  57. "Yakimochi no Kotae" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kozou (2013.09.14)
  58. "Lamb" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Kozou and Mikachinu (2014.04.26)
  59. "Reincarnation" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Kozou and Mikachinu (2014.05.01)
  60. "Watashi Raisu Teishoku Tabe ni Kita" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kozou (2014.06.19)
  61. "Raspberry Monster" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kozou (2014.06.28)
  62. "Ojama Mushi" Nv (2014.07.23)
  63. "RAINBOW GIRL (REMIX)" Nv (2014.07.29)
  64. "MAD HEAD LOVE" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kozou (2014.08.03)
  65. "Romeo and Cinderella" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Nyamo (2014.11.06)
  66. "Hitorinbo Envy" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kozou (2015.02.22)
  67. "Patchwork Staccato" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Zensoku (2015.03.21)
  68. "Angelfish" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Femto (2015.06.23)
  69. "KnifeLife" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Zensoku (2015.07.30)
  70. "Hibikaze" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Mikachinu (2015.08.12)
  71. "Yosogoto" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Takafumi (2015.08.21)
  72. "PiNK CAT" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Kozou and Mikumaro (2015.10.04)
  73. "Totsuzen Desu ga, Idol Hajimemashita" Nv feat. @Chi-chan and Kozou (2015.10.07)
  74. "Soar" Nv (2015.10.14)
  75. "Undead Enemy" Nv feat. @Chi-chan, Amayu and Mikumaro (2015.11.03)

Sample VideoEdit

"Ojama Mushi"
Dance by @Chi-chan
Choreography by Taro



  • She likes cats, horror and games. [2]
  • She lives in Nagoya. [3]

External linksEdit


  1. @Chi-chan's NND Userpage
  2. @Chi-chan's community page
  3. @Chi-chan's community page

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